Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's for Lunch?

This is a common refrain in our house. With three children the three sentences I hear the most are; What's for lunch, What's for Dinner, and Mooooommmmm she/he's bugging me. Yesterday was just like any other, and like any other day my little girl walks through the door and asks the key phrase, What's for Lunch?

I answered "I'm not sure baby, What would you like for lunch?"
She declares "Kraft Dinner"! and although she asks for it quite frequently that is indeed what we had for lunch.

Except it got me to reminiscing about all the times I've eaten Kraft Dinner. When I was growing up we often ate Kraft Dinner whether it was for lunch or on an evening when my Dad has a late meeting or my favourite when we were camping. Of course it has been a staple around here since I've had kids. And then it dawned on me I do "heart" Kraft Dinner and just like Macdonalds, where you know it's not that great for you but you have it any way. It's cheap, it's easy and it tastes pretty good. (for something processed anyway.)

All this thinking about Kraft dinner made me think of my Economics Prof from University. Basic Economics always covers the law of supply and demand. The lesson I am thinking of though referred to inferior goods. (Giffen Goods or Staple Goods) Most people when the price of a good rises will stop purchasing a good or find a substitute. Staples goods are generally those things that you purchase even (or especially) when we have less income. All my Economics Profs sited potatoes (maybe they have a side deal or something) as a staple good. Staple goods unlike Giffen Goods will be something that as we have more income we purchase less. So with the example of potatoes, if you had an increase in your income like a raise or new job you would purchase less potatoes and more fillet Mignon. (okay maybe more chicken or roast beef but you get my point right.)

Well this one Prof instead of potatoes talked about Kraft Dinner being a staple good. Many people turn to Kraft Dinner as a cheap fill you up option right. But then he went on to say unless you are like the "Bare Naked Ladies" who sing the song if I had a million dollars..."we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner But we would eat Kraft Dinner! Of course we would, we'd just eat more. And buy expensive Ketchups with it." In that case Kraft Dinner is then a Giffen Good.

I will leave you with this thought....In your house is Kraft Dinner a Staple Good or a Giffen Good?


  1. In my house, it's a fond memory. being an empty-nester, Mac & Cheese is now just a sentimental memory.

  2. "Kraft Mac & Cheese" perse isn't either as we don't eat that brand, but "Annie's whole wheat shells with white parmesan cheese" is our Giffen version and "Pasta Roni shells with white cheesee sauce" is our staple. Of course when I can't afford either, I make my own spaghetti or shells with a white sauce and shredded colby jack cheese.

  3. Neat..I have to stay away from many boxed items due to dye and presative issues with my children.

    I do like it though..
    Recipe ideas..

    I'd like it if you'd like to submit stuff..