Monday, November 23, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Yesterday I was very pleasantly surprised to read in my comments that Jo from curlyscrapbooker had nominated me for this Kreative Blogger award. It's a pretty cool award. The expectations upon receiving the award are as follows:

  • Thank the sender for nominating you.

  • make sure you link to the person who nominated you.

  • Copy the logo onto your blog

  • List seven interesting things about yourself.

  • Nominate Seven Kreative Bloggers

  • Post links to their Blog

  • Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination.

So seven interesting things about myself...are you sure you really want to know? Okay here goes Seven Things you may not already know about me

  1. I worked as a Manager for Starbucks for 10 years! Now I'm a total coffee snob.

  2. I participated in an Aquathon a couple years ago (a 1k swim followed by a 10 k run.)

  3. I have three children ranging in age from highschooler to primary school.

  4. My Grannie was awarded Guinness World Record for being the oldest female waterskier. (She was 86 at the time. She is now 90.

  5. I am Canadian and proud of it!

  6. I've only travelled to a handful of places- Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico, Bahamas.

  7. Someday I want to travel to all sorts of amazing places.

Now the hard part to nominate 7 bloggers. It 's not that I can't find 7 bloggers, it's that I need to narrow it down to seven because I know some really amazing Kreativ Bloggers.

  1. Heather at Scrapping Along
  2. Mary at Just Us Photography and Digi Stuff
  3. Jill at Clickclickcreate
  4. Janelle at Picnic Hill
  5. Jillian at Welcome to Jillville
  6. Debi at Debi's Dabblings
  7. Kim at Inside my Head (Kimosabe Scraps)

So thanks again Jo for the award and I hope you will all head over some of these lovely blogs.


  1. Wow, thank you Kerry! I will work on passing along the award :)

  2. :D

    thanks so much Kerry - especially considering that my blog isn't even a month old!

    I will pay it forward later today :)

  3. thanks so much Kerry!! I will pay it forward later today as well : )

  4. That's such a fun award - you've been getting lots of Kudos lately! Congrats!