Monday, January 11, 2010

For a change...Some Hybrid Projects

The kids are back to school and the house is quiet once again but I have been far from idle. I really wanted to get my house into order and work on my health (and lose a few pounds). The kickback benefit to both those resolutions is that I have way more energy and because my house is more organized I actually am on top of things. That is such a welcome change!

My Mother in Law is about to celebrate her first year anniversary. They are the happiest couple ever. Both have come down difficult paths with Brenda having been on her own for a long time and Dennis loosing his wife to illness a couple of years ago. They are incredibly busy, energetic and out finding lots of adventures together. I made them this card. It says Once in a Blue find someone really special. Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you've found your happily ever after. I formatted and decorated the inside of my card too. Tricky to get every thing lined up but I was happy with it. Although I had some paper trimmer issues and it tore away the corner of my card so I used a corner rounder punch to .round the corners. Doesn't the blue look lovely. The paper was from a kit called Winter Walk. The designer Shelly Castillo is making her debut this week at 2peasinabucket. I am looking so forward to seeing what designs she has up her sleeves!

My second project this m week was to make these cute little Valentine Pillow Boxes. I found some templates on line but they were all pdf documents so using my new found illustrator skills along with photoshop, I created a layer template. Then I clipped in papers and these digital stickers.

Normally I would print them at home but my printer was being all wonky so I ended up having them printed up at Staples on 100lb paper. They look so finished, or professional or something. Once they were printed I cut them out and used a scoring tool to score all the folding edges. That step was particularly important for the top flaps or they would not have folded down properly. After cutting and scoring all I had to do to finish up was to glue down the one edge. Now I could have typed in my dd's name and the other students names but I decided that it would be good printing practise for her to add the names in her self. Plus it's more personal right! We will fill them with some little Valentine goodies like a couple of Hershey's kisses or candy hearts or something. Of course Autumn adores them.

I hope you will keep your eyes on my blog. In the next few days I have an exciting announcement about another new opportunity for me.

Credits for the above hybrid projects:

Blue Moon Card: Winter Walk by Shelly Castillo, Sparkles by MaryAnn Wise

Valentine Pillow Boxes: Winter Lovenotes Digital Stickers by Holly Brooke Jones, Papers Basics Beige Bases by Kate Teague.


  1. Just love those little valentine pillow boxes...gorgeous.

  2. Cute projects! Oh and I love the word "wonky" so funny!

  3. Kerry, Love the pillow boxes... those are so awesome... what a cute idea! I may have to see if I can find a template for my daughters' Valentines...

  4. I love your projects Kerry....the Valentine boxes are to die for and the blue moon card is beautiful! I'm inspired!

  5. Love these boxes- they're precious :)