Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Little Secret

As many of you know I have 3 kids. My oldest two are two years apart and then there's a big ol' gap between them and my youngest. She is my baby and I think because I have known even when I was pregnant that she would be my last, I have always hung onto each little stage. I don't want to miss a single thing.

Which brings me to the fact that I picked up this little girl long past the time that it was necessary. (Dare I admit that I still do from time to time.) About two years ago I ended up needing to go in for surgery to remove a sizable tumour from my abdomen. I was told in no uncertain terms that there was to be no bending, lifting or carrying heavy loads. It was tough because Autumn and I were just so used to the whole Mommy will pick you up thing. This is when we came up with the hand hug. It was a way to still feel close without her jostling or hurting my incision and it eliminated the picking up. Now even two years later and fully healed we still do this. It is very comforting for both of us and it has come in handy on many occasions. Really anytime is a great time for a hand hug but I will tell you that when you are in major pain and you haven't seen your children for several days there is nothing better than those kids running into your room and squeezing your hand.

When I'm old and gray I hope my kids won't even have to think twice about that little hand squeeze.

Credits: A Sunday Kind of Love by Michelle Underwood, Sparkle Brush Set by MaryAnn Wise and Deckle Frame also by MaryAnn Wist.


  1. How sweet and wonderful. It's so cool that you have this connection with your children recorded. I'm sure all of you will look back on this story and the gesture fondly for many years to come. Great layout, too. :)

  2. Definitely cute and beautiful! Come stop by my blog..

  3. So sweet, what a great little connection to have with your little one :) lovely layout too!!

  4. What a sweet wonderful connection you have created with your little girl. Beautiful layout too!

  5. So sweet! Love all the elegant little details. :)