Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Favourites from my CT Team

I haven't ever posted any of the projects by my small but talented CT Team. Currently I only have 3 members on my CT Team: (but will be looking for some more members in the very near future.) Amy, Debi,and Lorell. They have created many MANY beautiful projects using my designs. I thought today I would post just a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them. Originally I was only going to pick my top 2 favs from each member but it was so hard to narrow it down I picked the top three from each. If you want to see more of there fabulous work click on their names above and it will link you to their galleries.
Amy's Projects

Debi's Projects

Lorell's Projects



  1. Aw, shucks! Thanks Kerry! Funny that your favorites and mine were almost right inline with each other :) Fun that you'll be looking to expand the CT soon! I love seeing what Lorell and Debi do with your kits as well. I'm always amazed & inspired by what they come up!

  2. Woo hoo, we rock girls! I also enjoy seeing what you guys do and how you work the kits into your styles...:D
    Thanks for coming up with such awesome kits for us to work with, Kerry! Your ideas for blog posts sound great. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do love vegetarian dishes and like to try them out about once a week. I'd be very interested in reading about your lifestyle.

  3. Your CT girls are so talented! Great projects!