Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching up on posting my 2peas CT Assignments

My blog entries really are rather willy nilly, aren't they. I think that has been my whole life lately. I do whatever is most pressing and hopefully complete it before something else crops up.

I can't really complain too much though. I am CTing with a site that I LOVE and designing digital products. I'm trying to get into a rhythm between the two but I admit that it is a tough balancing act at times.

Monday I spent most of the day running around trying to get my car situation sorted out. My Dad just recently bought a new car and they decided to help my brother and I out by giving their car to my brother Craig and my brother then in turn gave me his car. I've been driving my big ol' Mom Van since Autumn was born. It has been a good vehicle but it is starting to have trouble and it's cost me quite alot in repairs lately. My Brothers car is newer than mine and it has very low mileage. It's a white Honda civic sedan and best of all it's a standard. I love driving a stick shift! I will have to do a LO of it soon. Okay now back to why I had to run around. Well when I went in to get it insured it turned out that it needed to be Air Cared. I am really beginning to resent Air Care. I wasn't really worried about it passing the air care inspection but the real trouble was that my brother dropped the car off and took the plates. I ended up having to get a permit for the car, then drive it to be air cared then back to the insurance place to get it insured. Yikes. Now it's all done and I LOVE driving my new car. Hopefully I'll have completed the sale of my mini van in the next week. Of course I've spent the last day or so getting the said Van ready for sale. At least I have a buyer lined up.

So that is my sad (or is it happy?) tale and my excuse for not having posted any LO's lately. This first LO features Chelsea's Beautifully Grungy Label. I wanted to try something different rather than the standard label for journaling or a title. I decided that I could use it like a stamp on several squares. I thought it created some continuity in my LO and it's such a beautiful frame it was great to show it off in more than one way. I also was quite pleased with my play on words with the title. By the way my Dad is a really amazing gourmet pizza maker. They are so tasty and I think I gain pounds just looking at all the yummy cheese! My fav is the smoked salmon and brie cheese. My mouth is watering!

The second Lo I chose Michelle Underwood's kit Beautiful Endings. Michelle is such a talented designer. Everything is so real. Her embellishments have texture and dimension and her papers are unique in pattern and color. If you ever get a chance to pick up one of her kits I have no doubt that you will enjoy creating with it as much as I have. I also just love these pictures. My dd didn't even know that I was paying any attention to her but it was just one of those quiet typical mornings. I like that you can see the relationship between Autumn and Casey.

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  1. totally awesome on the whole new car thing. I love stick shift too. Its easier to get more get up and go go out of it than autotransmission.

    Are you willing to be interviewed? I had a calling all digital designers. That meant you too were invited. So, you up for it?